Supplementing…such a hot topic. I know of no other subject in the world of baby care that can prompt such debate as supplementation of the breastfed baby. However, after working thirty plus years in the area of childcare I know one thing at least…babies need food. Breastmilk is best, of course. But if we do not have enough of mom’s breastmilk. Then donor milk is the next best choice. We do have programs that supply other mom’s milk and milk sharing does goes on but there are risks in that. The next choice is formula that is properly prepared. We do try to avoid the introduction of formula if we can, so supplementation can be done with mom’ s own milk. She would need to either pump or manually express to provide this but in the early days…getting sufficient volumes can be difficult. That is where formula serves its role. There are different types to choose from but usually we will try a cow’s milk base formula to start with unless there is a known allergy in moms’ history. Supplementation can be given by cup, syringe, spoon and bottle. and tube at breast. Each way has its own risks and benefits. At the end of the day humans need food to grow and thrive and stay nourished and hydrated. If your baby needs additional food besides what he or she is currently receiving at the breast. have the discussion with your trusted health care provider for the best option for your baby. Jennifer