I read this on a pregnancy after loss website, it speaks to all parents who lost their child, whether dealing with a rainbow pregnancy or not. “Nothing can brace you for the hurt of losing your child and your hopes and dreams along with them…it’s okay to not feel brave. It doesn’t mean you aren’t… Being strong doesn’t mean not being scared. It means continuing on even when you are…Feel your feelings. Distract when you need to. Lean on the people that support you in the ways that you need. Set boundaries to protect yourself when you need to. Ask for what you need at the time you need it – to be understood and to be cared for. Author Kasey Schultz – Saindon, “Dear brave mama pregnant after loss, feel all your feelings. Feb 10th,

When you can look back and not cry…you’ve healed…
Not until you’ve lost a child do you know how it feels to be sad every single day…even when
you experience joy.

Just as anticipating a new pregnancy is a challenge, another terrible challenge is the anticipation of losing your child. Sometimes we know that (due to illness, a pre-existing condition, or trauma that a child will not survive) our time with our beloved child is going to be cut short. As a respite, hospice nurse, I had the honour of nursing many children who had only a limited time to spend on Earth. Those that had been sent home for their final days taught me the most about love, resiliency, and gratitude for the moment of their parents. I also know that the nurses on the paediatric wards make sure these children are loved, cuddled, and spoiled rotten in their short time. Their parents can rest assured that those times that the parents must go home and leave their little ones in the hospital sone, believe me, they are well cared for. They can also rest assured the doctors and nurses do everything possible to save their little ones, and if not, at least make their passing comfortable.