Nutrition and Breastfeeding

Nutrition and breastfeeding. What is the scoop? So many wives tales scare many moms into thinking they don’t eat well enough to produce milk. So, what do I tell my moms? A mom of normal nutritional status can continue to eat her normal diet with no real concerns. She should drink to thirst, but it is smart to have a drink nearby when nursing, because this reminds the mom to get her fluids. She does not have to drink milk to make milk. This is a common belief. She can eat a wide variety of foods, nothing is prohibited, and she should just eat as normal, nothing in excess. If she for instance, guzzles five glasses of orange juice, that may cause some distress. Just common-sense folks. The mom who is obese may have a delay in milk production or issues with volume. The mom who struggles with eating disorders, may too, need some 1:1 guidance to address any deficiencies. Otherwise, just eat a wide variety of foods, and expect that you will want some additional calories (usually about 200 -500 per day). Most nursing moms are hungry. Most people will avoid foods that cause them gas, nothing changes if breastfeeding. If you are trying a food that you may be concerned about, try it earlier in the day. If you think the baby is reacting to it, try it again later and see if the symptoms reappear in the infant. Caffeine is okay in limited quantities. Coffee, tea, chocolate and cola are common sources of caffeine. Limit this type of beverage/food to no more than 4 a day and you should not have a problem. We do not tell a mom to avoid anything. If a baby presents with true colic, we will look at the reduction or elimination of milk products. Happy eating. Jennifer.