My Books

The No-B.S.Guide to Breastfeeding

This book covers both normal expectations of the breastfeeding experience and practical considerations. Throughout the book, topics such as leaking, latching and weaning are discussed, with multiple solutions provided to suit any mom’s lifestyle. Additionally, specific common concerns, such as prematurity, medications, the compromised infant, and diabetes in pregnancy, are addressed and explained. 

Whisper Their Names: The journey to peace after losing your child

This book deals with every type of child loss. It discusses a loss from abortion, miscarriage, stillborn, infant loss and child loss. It discusses the loss of a child that has grown, maybe now an adult, but still your child. But it also delves into the loss that occurs when you lose your child because of life situations, like divorce, adoption, custody, and estrangement. These losses are just as real and as devastating as a death. Each situation is dealt with as a separate type of scenario. It is an open conversation with no judgement. Each scenario has a personal story, and is linked with a piece of poetry, or relevant saying or song verse. Jennifer includes her own personal experiences with loss to make the book relatable and conversation provoking. A space to record one’s thoughts after each chapter is included to use as a workbook if you are trying to work through your own personal journey of loss.