Breastfeeding For New Moms

Jennifer went to Seneca College School of Nursing where she obtained her nursing diploma. She became a Registered Nurse shortly after graduation. Later in her career she obtained her BHSc(N) and went on to become an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (I.B.C.L.C.) A year ago, Jennifer made the decision to retire and concentrate on her writing. This year, her first book has been published, The No-B.S. Guide to Breastfeeding: Advice for the New Mom from an Experienced Lactation Consultant. It is available on This is her first published book. 

About Jennifer Harris

I have recently retired from nursing after 35 years. I want to share the wisdom I have gained from those years in my writing. I self published my first book just this past March. The No-B.S. Guide to Breasteeding -Advice for the new Mom from an Experienced Lactation Consultant.


This book covers both normal expectations of the breastfeeding experience and practical considerations. Throughout the book, topics such as leaking, latching and weaning are discussed, with multiple solutions provided to suit any mom’s lifestyle. Additionally, specific common concerns, such as prematurity, medications, the compromised infant, and diabetes in pregnancy, are addressed and explained. 

Chapter 1

Why breastfeed your infant

Chapter 2

How convenient is breastfeeding

Chapter 3

The risks of using formula

Chapter 4

Why breastfeeding is healthier than formula

Chapter 5

How can I get off to a good start 

Chapter 6

Positioning your baby at the breast 

Chapter 7

What are the signs of a good feed

Chapter 8

Pumping and storage of expressed milk 

Chapter 9

Nursing the premature infant

Chapter 10

The ill or special needs child

Interested in reading the rest of the chapters? Purchase on Amazon through the link below.

Absolute must buy book for new parents. This book is excellent – easy to read – evidence based – written by an empathetic knowledgeable expert. Love the pictures.

Carolyn M, Amazon Review

Upcoming Book

Jennifer is working on her second book that deals with the difficult topic of losing your child. It has been called “Whisper their Names” in honour of the children lost, and the fact that most parents are expected to “forget about them” and not bring up their names in conversation. It is okay to talk about the child you lost. 

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